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Corporate Events

Take your event to a new level with Yoga Reset as part of the experience. With a yoga class for attendees, your conference will be set from the start to bring out the best.


Give your group the benefit of yoga to boost productivity, creativity and make the most of your meetings with a more connected team.

Event Icebreakers and Interludes
At a full-day or multi-day event, participants need to disconnect from their day-to-day so they can be present to focus on new knowledge, getting the most out of their experience, and connecting with colleagues.
A costly event can fail to be effective or meet its objectives if participant engagement is lacking. The best programs include introductory activities and structured break times to prepare minds and cultivate connections.
Get your group ready to learn by leveraging the benefits of yoga. A certified yoga teacher can lead an organization-friendly yoga lesson to facilitate more trusting communication, a freer flow of ideas, and a better overall experience for participants.
Suggestions Include:
  • Morning Kick-Start Class
  • Afternoon Energy Boost
  • Evening Wrap Up
  • Meeting room Chair Yoga
  • Focus with Breath & Meditation Exercises
  • Relax with Restorative 
  • Energize with Vinyasa Flow
  • Boost Creativity
  • Connect with Team Building Yoga
Yoga is not only recreational, healthy, and stress reducing - it's FUN.  And it fosters a stronger team connection. With yoga as both a physical and mental activity, groups bond sharing the activity and experience together. Participants return to work and the tasks ahead, more focused, relaxed, and re-energized.
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