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Workplace Yoga

Unplug. Recharge. Reconnect.


Join companies like Aetna, Nike, Google and the NFL in reducing healthcare costs and increasing productivity in the workplace by promoting yoga and meditation. At Yoga Reset, we bring yoga to your office so employees can make the most of their day without having to leave the office. Convenience makes it easy to maximize everyone’s valuable time, while reducing stress and increasing productivity.


Offer employees the opportunity to log off. Put down the phone.

Step away from their desk.

Give eyes a rest from the computer screen.

Turn off so they can tune-in.

They come back to work with more energy and mental clarity. 




Just like batteries, our minds & bodies need time to replenish in order to operate at full capacity. Yoga helps to reduce job stress and increase productivity. Yoga Reset provides a balance of movement and breath, combined with stretching and relaxation, leaving employees refreshed and recharged. 


When employees feel good, they perform better. Yoga doesn't just improve individual productivity, it also cultivates team connection and company satisfaction. 



choose OPTIONS:
  • Pick a time and we'll come to you!
  • Classes can be set for a 30, 45 minute or 1 hour timeframe.
  • We offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. We will get to know your group and find the best practice for you.
  • It can be done practically anywhere (think the boardroom, lunchroom), and it can be shared by people of varying fitness levels and ages.

  • We offer monthly memberships with options that include a 4-pack (1 class per week), 8-pack (2 classes per week), or custom scheduling based on your company's needs. 


reconnect: MORNING


Kick-Start your morning with yoga before the workday begins.

Benefits of a morning yoga practice: energizes like coffee without the jolt of caffeine, prepares your body & mind for productivity, speeds up your metabolism for all day benefits, and sets the tone for the rest of your day.




Mid-day yoga not only releases stress but boosts energy levels right when most people feel their energy levels drop in the afternoon. Lunchtime yoga is a great way to increase focus for the rest of the day to accomplish tasks at hand. Maximize lunch hour with a workout, relaxation, and energy boost all in one with the convenience of not leaving the office. 

restore: EVENING


End-of-Day Yoga so employees leave the office feeling great. After an intense day of work, there's no better way to wrap it up than with a yoga practice to release any stress and feel uplifted. 

available WORKSHOPS:
  • Pick a time and we'll come to you!
  • Workshops can be tailored for a 30-45 minute session, 1-2 hour timeframe or longer depending on your goals. 



CREATIVE yoga practice is an excellent way to kickstart brainstorming sessions, team-building exercises, or morale events. Take your yoga outside the box with an innovative sequence to get your brain flowing while your body is moving. Boost your creativity with fun flow that sparks inspiration.


de-stress: @YOUR DESK

De-stress AT YOUR DESK with our chair yoga workshop. Especially important for people who sit at a desk for long hours, resulting in back pain, shoulder, neck and eye strain, tight hips and hamstrings. By practicing yoga postures from this workshop you can relieve stress and strain, increase productivity, and most importantly just feel better.


This on-site, hands-on interactive workshop teaches the fundamentals of yoga, including basic postures, alignment, adaptations, breathing exercises, the concept of “flow” or “Vinyasa,” and meditation. No experience is necessary.

Suggested: Once a week for 4-weeks, 60 minutes per session, or can be modified to suit your needs. 

Want more info on Workplace Yoga? Let us know what questions you have. 

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