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Frequently Asked Questions



1) What are the benefits of onsite yoga?


Benefits include:

  • Lower healthcare costs and decrease the frequency & duration of absenteeism

  • Increased efficiency, productivity & creativity

  • Improved focus under deadlines

  • Improved mindset, morale and loyalty

  • Enhanced employee strength, posture & health, and decrease chronic pain

  • Decreased employee fatigue & back pain


2) Our office doesn’t have a gym or studio, where would we practice?


Onsite Yoga classes are small group classes taught at your place of business in a quiet, comfortable space such as a boardroom, lunch room, or conference room. Chairs and tables can be easily pushed aside to transform a work space into “yoga space.”  For the first session or two, we can bring props (foam blocks, straps and mats) for a limited number of people, but after that we would expect each person or the company to purchase their own. These may all be purchased through us at a very reasonable rate.


3) What other corporations offer onsite yoga?


Aetna, Amazon, IBM, AT&T, Google, Microsoft, REI, HBO, NexComm, Nike, Intel, Apple, PepsiCo, GE, Chase Manhattan Bank, Goldman Sachs, NFL, NBA, American Medical Association, Zillow, and the White House, just to name a few.


4) How do we get started?


Please contact Yoga Reset for a complimentary initial consultation. Yoga Reset works with your business, conference or organization to determine what your needs are. We will: 


  • Assess what type of classes and content are most appropriate for your employees

  • Work with you to determine the class location, time and frequency

  • Provide certified and insured yoga instructors


5) Do participants need to have yoga experience to participate?


No experience is necessary. Yoga Reset classes are suitable for all-levels and designed to meet the specific needs of your employees/group members. We also offer Yoga Basics as a workshop or class program which teaches the fundamentals of yoga, including basic postures, alignment, adaptations, breathing exercises, the concept of “flow” or “Vinyasa,” and meditation. 


6) How often should we offer yoga to our employees/group members?


Most companies and organizations begin with classes once or twice a week and add more as needed.


7) Do employees contribute to the cost of the yoga program?


Companies have typically chosen one of three options in hosting yoga classes:


  • Employer offers the classes free of charge to the employees.

  • Class fees are shared by employees and employer.

  • Employer offers a space in the office for the class time and employees individually pay for classes.

Want more info? Let us know what questions you have. 

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